In which there is mainly complaining

I’ve been meaning to make this more of a useful thoughts and creative endeavors kind of journal, but my brain is operating at, I’m guessing, 1/4 capacity right now, and I’m in the mood to complain. I have bronchitis and it’s getting worse, not better, I’ve quit my job (probably ill-advisedly but I needed more time to rest than I could take off, my boss drives me crazy, and I have a lead on a better one), and my emotions and judgment and all those things are kinda haywire right now. I might be running a fever, or it could just be that I haven’t gotten any quality sleep. Either way I’m forgetting things from one moment to the next and bumping into stuff and getting all agitated about stupid little things. I rehearsed a hundred shitty things to say to my boss when I quit over the course of work, but ended up blathering something incoherent and just walking away when it came to it. I am, perhaps, kind of insane right now. Right when I need to be getting things done. Writing with the vague hope that someone might pay me for it and grad school stuff because what the hell we’re halfway through October already.

And that’s about it, isn’t it? So to keep this from being 100% whining by volume, I had a neat dream the other day while I spent long hours only mostly asleep. I have a neat trick where I can continue dreaming if I so wish. Not always, but often. This was a very interesting, convoluted dream and I’ve lost most of it, but it involved my pathetic vampire Mihai and Castiel from Supernatural. They were friends. This gave me an idea for a Supernatural fanfic about the mess of trying to reconstruct heaven now that all the prophecies are broken and the upper management mostly stabbed or what have you. It would be silly, so I’ll probably not do it, but isn’t it an amusing idea?

Maybe not. I can’t tell, really. I ask for a pass on bad decisions made while in this state.


~ by badandfierce on October 19, 2010.

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