Too many ideas!

…Yes, this constitutes a problem when they won’t solidify into something freaking usable. I’m still excited about the air-train I’m adding to my established world with the werehyenas and room-sized arrays of musical machines and half-mechanical critters and important things like that, but I’ve been rereading (or having read to me, thanks to the magic of recording technology) Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell, one of the most excellent books ever. I’ve reread it more than I’ve reread just about anything that wasn’t a childhood favorite. Five or six times all the way through at the very least. I love its fairies. And it reminds me how much I love good old fairies.

One of the main things about my primary world is that I deliberately draw from around the world, the main action is set below the equator, and all the dominant cultures are non-European. This needs to be done more bloody often. There’s no reason whatsoever for fantasy worlds to be dominated by Caucasians the way they are, and it’s no more excusable in sci-fi. It’s a determined move on my part to write some main characters who aren’t a bunch of Aryan pieces of cisgendered, heteronormative cornbread. It also opens up a wonderful world of mythological roots and settings that are often ignored, or at best used as exotic, mysterious locales you have adventures and then go home from. The characters in that world are from stone cities perched atop foggy, jungle-covered mountains. They don’t start out in boring farm villages and eventually go home to them. Deconstructing genres is amazing, and life is so much more fun when you add dragons that live in rivers and eat elephants and ghouls are a variety of djinn.

But sometimes I do get the urge to just write a nice, simple, British Islesy fairy story. Sometimes you gotta look in the mirror. I’m compact and ginger with very large feet for tromping over bogs and excellent night vision to make up for the fact that the sun is foreign to me. A translation of my family name is “people from under the fairy hill.” I’ve seen my baby pictures. I’m clearly a goddamn changeling, and I grew up reading tales of horrible fairies and lunatic heroes.

Funnily enough, from my perspective, that might just be writing what you know.

And then I remembered that I came up with a whole world and a fairy race for a game I briefly ran. I have a mythos to begin with. I even have the beginnings of an idea, though it involves that infamous “tithe to hell” bit and I’m afraid that’s kind of been done to death… But I have a world. I’ve got too many things going already. I really ought to let this go. But… well, let’s be honest. I know me.

On to fairyland.


~ by badandfierce on November 27, 2010.

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